Aposimz (人形の国 APOSIMZ, Ningyō no Kuni APOSIMZ, lit. Country of Dolls APOSIMZ) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei. It is published digitally in English by Kodansha Comics, with new chapters being released every month. The series is published in Japan in Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Sirius.

The story follows Etherow, a regular frame, and Titania who are on a quest for revenge and protecting the world. APOSIMZ takes place on an artificial celestial body known as APOSIMZ.

APOSIMZ can be purchased digitally on ComiXology, Book☆Walker, Kindle, and a few others as volumes or as Simulpub Serials (individual chapters) from Book☆Walker, Kindle, and Crunchyroll (streamed). Physical copies can be purchased from Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, and many others. North American print publication began in Fall 2018.[1]


"APOSIMZ is an artificial planet. Its diameter is 200,000 KM. The artificial celestial body APOSIMZ measures 120,000 KM in diameter. Most of its volume is its core space, which is covered by a superstructural shell. Fifty centuries ago, the people who lost the war against the core lost their right to reside legitimately on APOSIMZ, and were stranded on the frigid surface. They face rampant Frame Disease and aggressive automatons which appear frequently on the Ruins level. Yet even so, somehow the people survive."[2]

Shio, Eo, Biko and Etherow, residents of the White Diamond Beam, are heading back home from gathering provisions when suddenly a girl appears, with the Rebedoan Empire's soldiers in hot pursuit. The girl asks for their help in keeping safe a “code” and seven mysterious “bullets.” This chance encounter marks a major shift in the fate of the entire planet...

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# Release date Volume
1 May 9, 2017 Volume 1
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List of Chapters:

2 February 9, 2018 Volume 2
Volume 02.png

List of Chapters:

3 September 7, 2018 Volume 3
Volume 03.png

List of Chapters:

4 April 9, 2019 Volume 4
Volume 04.png

List of Chapters:

5 November 8, 2019 Volume 5
Volume 05.png

List of Chapters:

6 May 8, 2020 Volume 6
Volume 06.png

List of Chapters:

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format


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